2022 Dreamer's Retreat for Entrepreneurial Therapists

October 6-8, 2022

Resort: Dreamers Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa


Connect with other likeminded therapists. 

Grow your dreams from concept to reality. 

Thrive in nature to spark your creativity.

      Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 


      2022 Dreamer's Retreat for Entrepreneurial Therapists

      Up to 16 NBCC CE Credits will be available for your participation in the retreat. 

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      Jennifer Agee, LCPC

      Entrepreneur | Therapist | Business Strategy Coach | NBCC CE Provider | Speaker

      Jennifer is the owner of Counseling Community, Inc, Jennifer Agee Counseling & Consulting and Connected in KC. Jennifer has a passion for helping therapists not only become excellent clinicians but solid practice owners. Jennifer offers online and destination continuing education opportunities to therapists. 

      Dr. LaTasha Carter

      Entrepreneur | Therapist | Life Coach | Author | Speaker

      Dr. Carter is the CEO of GoldStar Counseling & Wellness Center, a division of Therapeutic Connections, PLLC. She is a group practice owner with solid systems in place. Dr. Carter conducts workshops for community-based groups on topics ranging from stress management, healing, and teen and adult mental health.

      Patrick Casale, LCMHC, LCAS 

      Entrepreneur | Therapist | Business Coach | Speaker

      Patrick is a group psychotherapy practice owner and private practice coach and strategist. Patrick helps entrepreneurs Take The Leap and shift their mindsets towards success and fulfillment. Patrick believes authenticity, autonomy, freedom, and movement are the most important things in life.

      Kelly Lynch, LCSW, EMT, CPT, PN-1

      Entrepreneur | Therapist | Life Coach

      Kelly is a group psychotherapy practice owner, specializing in PTSI in EMS personnel. She is known in her community for leading with integrity and authenticity. Kelly supports her employees and colleagues in understanding how to develop their professional identity in order to stay in alignment and be unapologetically authentic in how they run their businesses. She believes leading with integrity, making time for play, and always being open to calculated risks, failing fast, and recovering faster, are the most important aspects of entrepreneurship.

      Daniel Sanchez

      Web Developer | SEO & SEM Strategist | Google Ad Word Expert

      Daniel helps therapists create Brand Identity and to ensure that their digital footprint is creating traffic to their website and social media. Daniel develops a brand kit for therapists, offers website development, and ensures that there are solid SEO protocols for the therapists' online presence. Daniel is also an expert in Google Ad Words and is looking forward to helping therapists at the retreat with the practice tools they need to drive traffic to their website and other online profiles. 

      This was the first time I've attended a retreat and it was a wildly different experience than larger conferences in the best possible ways. I was able to take alone time to work on my practice building goals, got 1:1 attention from the coaches I had questions for, and found immense value in the breakout sessions because of the opportunity for conversation with other clinicians. Additionally, being able to socialize with the other attendees was FUN! I made friends, networked, got ideas and better focus and I am walking away feeling equipped. This was money well spent, and I am so glad I came!

      Kelly Lynch, EMT, LCSW CPT, PN-1, Owner of Turning Point Wellness, LLC

      Even if you're not exactly sure what your dream is, or if you're questioning what exactly it is being an entrepreneur might look like for you - come. This is a whole community of badass, compassionate people. I came in with a lot of uncertainty, doubts and questions about my capabilities. I left with clarity, confidence and real next steps...and new friends. 


      Kelsi Grove, MA, LPC

      As a therapist, we teach self-care, growth, change, and "showing up authentically". Coming to this retreat allowed me to put into practice what I teach, which is priceless. How can I take my clients somewhere that I can't go to or haven't been? Thank you, Jennifer!


      Pamela L. Tippit, LPC-S

      Thank you for lighting a fire in my soul for putting my business dream from concept to reality. You are a blessing!


      Tricia I. Colcord, LMFT